Friday, May 13, 2016

The Blog is Up

UAS IceLab Makerspace Blog

For the third time, the blog is up. We were trying to figure out what was creating the error that prevented the blog from showing up. The next part of the overall assignment is to create the theme.

During the process of reinstalling, we were checking the configuration files and found that a line of code was not correctly entered. We had never entered the IP of the server in the first place, but when we had to restart the Raspberry Pi, we had to check if the IP was still correctly entered in nginx.

The server is accessible at within the school. Enrique and I were able to effectively work together and solve the problem, even though it was mostly by chance that the issue was found.

If we have to set up a Ghost/nginx server again, I would make a list of all the files that need to be edited so that I could quickly check the files for any errors. There isn't much to do in terms of technique. By not quitting I was able to eventually solve the problem.

Server Reflection 1 Enrique Ruiz

Reflection on Serever

Backwards Refection

The assignmet was to create a working server in which to host our website. We instaled Ghost and nginx, as well as making the databse with Mysql and securing the Raspberri Pi against attacks. We overcame some errors. After turning off the raspberri pi to fix some errors, we tried to update the ip and found that we were missing a line of code. After adding it, the server was up and running.

Self Reflection

We encountered some errors along the way we were not expecting. Our goal was get the server working again. With this assignment I learned more about the internal workings of Linux based Operating Systems. 

Backwards Reflection

If I was to do this project again, I would be more careful with what I copy into the files, because it caused a lot of troubles. I forgot to edit one line of code, which caused us to loose a lot of time.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Daniel Idea

I feel like a lost ember waiting for a place to settle and re-ignite the fire of innovation.

I am lacking a project for me to work on right now, and I am having trouble coming up with ideas. The problem is not me not wanting to do something, the problem is not finding something to do, the inspiration is not there. Nonetheless I have come up with potential problems for me to solve a couple issues at hand. First there is the problem that I ran into little kids going through the corner near the stairs. This happens a lot of times, and I would like to solve this problem as my project. The second project I have yet to decide. I want to focus on something related to music, but I am yet to find a specific topic to settle on, wait for an update blog on what project I will focus on first.

My goal for 4th quarter is to complete a whole project successfully and attempt at starting a second one. I would also like to see my project implemented into day to day school life.

Problem: Make Ghost show up

The nginx and everything else works without any verbose errors; however, the Ghost Blog does not show up. Only the nginx start page is online. Since there is no indication of what is wrong, this problem will require some researching to fix.

We are going to research other people's experience with Ghost and how to make it work with nginx. A similar problem happened last time so we will spend some time researching our memories.

Our server is running Ghost on nginx and the two should be communicating through port 2368. The Raspberry Pi is running Raspbian.

In the 4th quarter I would like to have the blog running and the posts moved over from the Blogger.

Quarter 4 Goals

My problem is that Arduino and its applications have always interested me, but I don't know how to use it. My current goal is to learn how to use both the Arduino and the breadboard and build a clock, but I don't have a big concrete goal yet. To research, there are useful guides on how to use Arduino, along with a plethora of YouTube videos to help out as well. Some background info that I have on the topic is the Maker Documentary, where the Arduino was prominently featured to make different machines. Hopefully, by the end of Quarter 4, I will have at least basic knowledge on how to use Arduino and a breadboard.

Hyowon's 4th Quarter Project

As I was told to try something new beside making floor plans and working on SketchUp, I will start with a new project: I got some ideas such as working on Photoshop, ,making a furniture, making an interactive wall, etc. Even if I had a lot of ideas, I couldn’t select because any of them attracted me. Until I get a big project for this quarter, I’m thinking to work and develop on my SketchUp designing skills.

After discussing with Mr. Koss, I decided to continue working on SketchUp. I will have the process of design thinking, and try to do this every one or two weeks by making a new floor plans. This quarter, I'm going to try new things with SketchUp and the floor plans. I will interview people about their house and what they want to change or improve on it. This quarter’s goal is to improve my skills on SketchUp and make at least three plans.

Julie New Project

This quarter in Makerspace, I am starting a new project that will benefit the teachers of elementary. When going to their classes a week ago, I got to see that a lot of them need help in designing the small or big spaces that they have. I notice that most of them have trouble in using the space that they have into something that can be good for the class. They have great ideas but don't have the time to get this idea into reality. 

I've decided to start a project with the elementary teachers and help them get their ideas into reality. I had a meeting with two elementary teachers: the first grade teacher and the second grade teacher. They had a lot of ideas and I'm very excited to start this project and help them out. I came up with some ideas to help them use their space and hopefully it will be used adequately. 
No Real Project

The current problem is that there is no actual big project for me to work on, so I need to come up with something to work on for the 4th Quarter. However I have found a number of small projects to work on.

One of the projects I was working on is helping Martin to learn Arduino, but he decided that it will be better for him to learn on his own. So now I am occupying myself with a small project. I am cleaning up and organising the things left under the table. Meanwhile, I am also thinking of another project to do. Another possible project is making a trashcan.

The research I could do is researching about the project ideas I have, and seeing if they are possible. I could also ask my classmates for ideas for a project. Martin suggested cleaning under the table. Some people also complain about the absence of a trashcan.

Background Info:
Cleaning under the table is a proposed idea.

4th Quarter Goals:
Find and finish a project. 

In Quarter 4 I will do....

I want to design a house because I am very interested in architectures. Also I know some program to build a house called Sketch Up. It is amazing program to make a prototype house or building.

In this quarter, I am going to build an amazing giant house for Mr. Koss.

Enrique's Idea Blog

Enrique's Idea Blog!


The problem I will try to solve for this quarter will be to help Matthew set up the server and create a Makerspace website, so we can post whatever we want!


  1. Solve the Niginx error
  2. Solve the Mysql error
  3. Design the website 
  4. Code the website


To solve the errors I need to find out how the programs really work and what the error is. I also have to research good website templates and how to design our website with **Put theme**. I will also have to research HTML again because i haven't used it in a long time.

Background Info

Matthew and Martin have been working on the server for three quarters now, and Martin has decided to quit and pursue other interests. I took the opportunity to get into the project. Now I need to prove myself to Matthew.

The server will help create our website and host the website. We also have to make the server safe to avoid attacks.

4th Quarter Goals 

The big Quarter 4 goal is to finally have the server up and running so we can host our website. We also need to design and code it.