Thursday, May 5, 2016

Daniel Idea

I feel like a lost ember waiting for a place to settle and re-ignite the fire of innovation.

I am lacking a project for me to work on right now, and I am having trouble coming up with ideas. The problem is not me not wanting to do something, the problem is not finding something to do, the inspiration is not there. Nonetheless I have come up with potential problems for me to solve a couple issues at hand. First there is the problem that I ran into little kids going through the corner near the stairs. This happens a lot of times, and I would like to solve this problem as my project. The second project I have yet to decide. I want to focus on something related to music, but I am yet to find a specific topic to settle on, wait for an update blog on what project I will focus on first.

My goal for 4th quarter is to complete a whole project successfully and attempt at starting a second one. I would also like to see my project implemented into day to day school life.

1 comment:

  1. I like this making school a bit better idea. How did your survey turn out? I might have a prototype to try...