Friday, September 25, 2015

Martin*: Server Study

Hello my fellow Americans, today it is my turn to fill you in to what I've doing. So Matthew and I been trying to setup a server on one of our Raspberry Pi with the end goal of having our own server. Unfortunately, we've run into some challenges, mostly with trying to √≠nstall the operating system. At                        
The logo to ArkOs
The logo of Slackware
first we attempted to use ArkOs, but because of the oppressive fascist Kerio Control;, we couldn't connect to the network. We then tried to use Slackware, but there was an issue setting it up in the Raspberry Pi, and it was ultimately a failure. Currently we're trying to setup the server using the Raspbian Operating system, and we hope we'll be successful with that.
    These operating systems are all based on GNU Linux, which is a free and open-source operating system. The problems we've run into are mostly due to the short-comings of the operating systems we've chosen but we're not giving up yet! Our biggest priority is to find an operating system that will help with the creation of our server. We were previously successful installing Raspbian on another Raspberry Pi, so it is very likely to work now.
*Please note that this blog isn't Enrique's as well.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Innovating a classroom (Updated process) By Daniel Marsicano

This week in the makerspace classroom…

        Many thing happened this week. The work on the robots was initiated by a group of two (Julie and Daniel) who with sweat, blood and tears have progressed and are half way done with the building of the first initial robot. At the beginning of the building many road blocks were encountered. The biggest one of all was a mismatch between n=bag code and required materials code. This issue was fixed with the discovery of an actual size piece comparison chart.

        The work on the raspberry pi is moving at its usual pace, with a team of 5 members constantly trying you fix the issues that come up in a regular basis, programmers are really boring people… The last class of the week two members from the makerspace team were absent to participate in Green Team NHS activities. That Friday class an extra storage unit was delivered to us. We began by dismantling the pieces that would come off easily, and then noticed the amount of cable and electronic equipment we could utilize. To get all the electronics we found we had to open a locked compartment and then access the inside of it. This was done by picking the lock with two paper clips, task done by myself (Daniel). After unlocking it halfway we gave up on picking the lock and decided to open it by force, task that was completed using a hammer.

        After we accessed the inside we picked it clean out of any electronics we could find, breakers, male jumping wires, more plugs, extra wires, nuts and bolts. After we cleaned the insides of the storage unit the bell rang, and brought a conclusion to another week of makerspace.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

MakerSpace is a Community (by Ho)

Maker Space is a class, but its a community. We perspective our ideas and we move to real life.

In MakerSpace, we create something fun that make us smart. For now, we are building 3D-printer to print solid object and also we are writing music too. Actually we have robot project too but we didn't start yet.

We just started to building 3D-Printer but we missing some screws so we couldn't keep building until we get screws. And also we are making music in iPad. There is lots of applications in App Store so we can download from there and we use that apps to make music. Also we are trying to buy music program for Macs it called "Fl Studio".

We also programming Raspberry Pi too. It's a mini computer for programming and hacking. Or we can make radio station too.

It's the mini computer

Monday, September 14, 2015

Are you solving the right problem?

 Makerspace Update

 Week of September 6-14

 "If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” Albert Einstein said.

  •  In Tuesday's class some of us worked on the Raspberry Pi radio, and some of us worked on the computer  We were trying to think of a problem in the school that we would be able to solve. We made a list of all the ones we thought of and then wrote down all the details about how we would solve it.

  • In Thursday's class, Mr.Koss as well as three other students were absent, so the substitute put on a documentary about the Maker Movement.  While we watched the documentary we had to fill out a 3,2,1 paper. We had to say 3 big we learned about, 2 questions we had, and 1 thing that we would like to try out in class.

  • In Friday's class, they were also absent, so we went to our stations in the library and worked on our projects.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ice Lab Work in Progress

What's New?

     Recently, we spoke with Director Beata and gave him our necessities along with a budget. He gave us instructions to follow in order to get the supplies that we need. We made a google doc listing our priorities and shared it with him in order to get these materials.

   We are currently setting up the devices that we have and getting everything organised until we receive the rest of our supplies.

More updates to come.