Monday, September 14, 2015

Are you solving the right problem?

 Makerspace Update

 Week of September 6-14

 "If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” Albert Einstein said.

  •  In Tuesday's class some of us worked on the Raspberry Pi radio, and some of us worked on the computer  We were trying to think of a problem in the school that we would be able to solve. We made a list of all the ones we thought of and then wrote down all the details about how we would solve it.

  • In Thursday's class, Mr.Koss as well as three other students were absent, so the substitute put on a documentary about the Maker Movement.  While we watched the documentary we had to fill out a 3,2,1 paper. We had to say 3 big we learned about, 2 questions we had, and 1 thing that we would like to try out in class.

  • In Friday's class, they were also absent, so we went to our stations in the library and worked on our projects.