Tuesday, September 15, 2015

MakerSpace is a Community (by Ho)

Maker Space is a class, but its a community. We perspective our ideas and we move to real life.

In MakerSpace, we create something fun that make us smart. For now, we are building 3D-printer to print solid object and also we are writing music too. Actually we have robot project too but we didn't start yet.

We just started to building 3D-Printer but we missing some screws so we couldn't keep building until we get screws. And also we are making music in iPad. There is lots of applications in App Store so we can download from there and we use that apps to make music. Also we are trying to buy music program for Macs it called "Fl Studio".

We also programming Raspberry Pi too. It's a mini computer for programming and hacking. Or we can make radio station too.

It's the mini computer

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