Monday, September 21, 2015

Innovating a classroom (Updated process) By Daniel Marsicano

This week in the makerspace classroom…

        Many thing happened this week. The work on the robots was initiated by a group of two (Julie and Daniel) who with sweat, blood and tears have progressed and are half way done with the building of the first initial robot. At the beginning of the building many road blocks were encountered. The biggest one of all was a mismatch between n=bag code and required materials code. This issue was fixed with the discovery of an actual size piece comparison chart.

        The work on the raspberry pi is moving at its usual pace, with a team of 5 members constantly trying you fix the issues that come up in a regular basis, programmers are really boring people… The last class of the week two members from the makerspace team were absent to participate in Green Team NHS activities. That Friday class an extra storage unit was delivered to us. We began by dismantling the pieces that would come off easily, and then noticed the amount of cable and electronic equipment we could utilize. To get all the electronics we found we had to open a locked compartment and then access the inside of it. This was done by picking the lock with two paper clips, task done by myself (Daniel). After unlocking it halfway we gave up on picking the lock and decided to open it by force, task that was completed using a hammer.

        After we accessed the inside we picked it clean out of any electronics we could find, breakers, male jumping wires, more plugs, extra wires, nuts and bolts. After we cleaned the insides of the storage unit the bell rang, and brought a conclusion to another week of makerspace.

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