Friday, September 25, 2015

Martin*: Server Study

Hello my fellow Americans, today it is my turn to fill you in to what I've doing. So Matthew and I been trying to setup a server on one of our Raspberry Pi with the end goal of having our own server. Unfortunately, we've run into some challenges, mostly with trying to ínstall the operating system. At                        
The logo to ArkOs
The logo of Slackware
first we attempted to use ArkOs, but because of the oppressive fascist Kerio Control;, we couldn't connect to the network. We then tried to use Slackware, but there was an issue setting it up in the Raspberry Pi, and it was ultimately a failure. Currently we're trying to setup the server using the Raspbian Operating system, and we hope we'll be successful with that.
    These operating systems are all based on GNU Linux, which is a free and open-source operating system. The problems we've run into are mostly due to the short-comings of the operating systems we've chosen but we're not giving up yet! Our biggest priority is to find an operating system that will help with the creation of our server. We were previously successful installing Raspbian on another Raspberry Pi, so it is very likely to work now.
*Please note that this blog isn't Enrique's as well.

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