Friday, May 13, 2016

Server Reflection 1 Enrique Ruiz

Reflection on Serever

Backwards Refection

The assignmet was to create a working server in which to host our website. We instaled Ghost and nginx, as well as making the databse with Mysql and securing the Raspberri Pi against attacks. We overcame some errors. After turning off the raspberri pi to fix some errors, we tried to update the ip and found that we were missing a line of code. After adding it, the server was up and running.

Self Reflection

We encountered some errors along the way we were not expecting. Our goal was get the server working again. With this assignment I learned more about the internal workings of Linux based Operating Systems. 

Backwards Reflection

If I was to do this project again, I would be more careful with what I copy into the files, because it caused a lot of troubles. I forgot to edit one line of code, which caused us to loose a lot of time.

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