Thursday, May 5, 2016

Enrique's Idea Blog

Enrique's Idea Blog!


The problem I will try to solve for this quarter will be to help Matthew set up the server and create a Makerspace website, so we can post whatever we want!


  1. Solve the Niginx error
  2. Solve the Mysql error
  3. Design the website 
  4. Code the website


To solve the errors I need to find out how the programs really work and what the error is. I also have to research good website templates and how to design our website with **Put theme**. I will also have to research HTML again because i haven't used it in a long time.

Background Info

Matthew and Martin have been working on the server for three quarters now, and Martin has decided to quit and pursue other interests. I took the opportunity to get into the project. Now I need to prove myself to Matthew.

The server will help create our website and host the website. We also have to make the server safe to avoid attacks.

4th Quarter Goals 

The big Quarter 4 goal is to finally have the server up and running so we can host our website. We also need to design and code it.

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