Thursday, May 5, 2016

No Real Project

The current problem is that there is no actual big project for me to work on, so I need to come up with something to work on for the 4th Quarter. However I have found a number of small projects to work on.

One of the projects I was working on is helping Martin to learn Arduino, but he decided that it will be better for him to learn on his own. So now I am occupying myself with a small project. I am cleaning up and organising the things left under the table. Meanwhile, I am also thinking of another project to do. Another possible project is making a trashcan.

The research I could do is researching about the project ideas I have, and seeing if they are possible. I could also ask my classmates for ideas for a project. Martin suggested cleaning under the table. Some people also complain about the absence of a trashcan.

Background Info:
Cleaning under the table is a proposed idea.

4th Quarter Goals:
Find and finish a project. 

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