Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Final Q4 Blog Post

This semester started off really messy. I did not have an idea of what I wanted my main project to be and I also didn't want to waste any time that was given. I also wanted to be a lot more efficient and productive this semester since previous semesters haven't been. One day, we were given an assignment to ask teachers about the space in their classroom. Starting off as an assignment for the whole class, I went to the elementary area and asked the 1st and 2nd grade teachers what they thought about their classroom space and what they would change. After completing this assignment, I decided to continue fixing the problems that the grade 1 and 2 teachers had in their classroom. The teacher for 1st grade has many problems with the seating arrangements on the floor and I tried giving her ideas on how the student could be comfortable but still pay attention in class. I also gave her an idea on how she could use a wall in her classroom that wasn't really being used, she used my advice and used my ideas. 

The second grade teacher had a bigger problem but it could be solved. She said she had a lot of library books just laying around in the reading area. I thought of different ideas in which she could use the amount of space that she had to her benefit. So, I went through a lot of brainstorming and looking up on pintrest different ways this could be made. I finally came up with an idea to make a seat that had an opening in the bottom which she could put her library books in. I made a prototype out of boxes and different materials that were provided by Mr. Koss. Ms. Elizabeth, the 2nd grade teacher asked me if I wanted to show her class my prototypes so that her kids can see how prototyping worked. After showing them my prototype, I could start working on the project. Mr. Koss told me that I could use a crate and that he could provide me this material. After doing measurements, we decided on making 3 seats for the area.

I washed three very dirty crates and painted each one over the weekend. This was a very difficult task because the paint that we were using only came off with a special chemical and it did not come off of clothes. But, it was a good bonding experience with my dad since he helped me a lot during this process. 

After painting all three crates prime colors, the hardest part came and that was waiting for it to dry. 
I still don't think they are till this moment but oh well. I knew that I wouldn't have enough time to finish all of this in class, so I had to start taking things home and finishing at home. The next easy steps are the following: I had to sew cloth to make the pillow and then stuff it with cotton. I had no experience of sewing and if I did it was a very long time ago and I do not remember one bit of it. Lorena, the librarian, gave me a lot of tips and strategies that I used while sewing. Although right now I am not done with the sewing, I know I will be done soon. 
I think this assignment was the best one I have done because it came out how I wanted it to. THere were a lot of obstacles that I had to go over in order for my project to be a success. My only goal was to be efficient with my time and be very productive during class time. I think that I achieved this goal because the past weeks I have been very busy with this project. I judged it by my previous projects and how they were different. I think that my other projects were not very good and I didn't really try the previous semesters. I think that this project really showed how much I worked and tried to help someone who needed advice and help. I think it showed Mr. Koss the different ways I can work and get things done.

I f I did this project again I would have started earlier so that I had more class time to finish it. I think that would be the only thing I would have done differently because it really affected my outcome. I really enjoyed doing this project and I think it made me more independent.

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