Thursday, June 16, 2016

Final Q4 Reflection

SketchUp Designing

Backwards Reflection

(ernando Guerra, ©CHURTICHAGA+QUADRA SALCEDO architects)On this quarter, I continued with my SketchUp designing house. The house that I was working on was a Spanish house which Mr. Koss had demonstrated me as a good example. So I decided to design the inside structure of the house, and also make my own furniture. This Spanish house was a very unique house which was entirely made of wood and glass. It was easy for me to build and design the house as the shape of the house was a rectangular shape, and I didn’t needed to work on complicated designs; also not mixing other materials. But it was also a great challenge for me to make my own furniture as in the past I used to download from google.
This were my procedures:
  1. Making a floor plan on paper: It’s uncomplicated for me to make a floor plan on paper as it is easier to amend with pencil and eraser.
  2. Re-making the floor plan on SketchUp: I need to make the same floor plan on SketchUp to make the house on three-dimensional. I can check the measurements and revise.
  3. Making it on three-dimensional: This was the hardest part as always. I designed the house in three-dimensional to have a easy view.
  4. Making the furniture: As it was my first time designing my own furniture, it took me a lot of time. I’ve made all the furniture such as the desks, sinks, chairs, etc by getting help from Ho and Mr. Koss.
  5. Adding color: Lastly, I added color to the house to make it more realistic.

The assignment didn’t completely turn out the way that I wanted, but I could satisfy; and the goal of finishing this house was achieved! This work shows how much I improved with my designing skills on SketchUp and floor-plans. Even if I had small errors on the measurement and structure, I could see how much I’ve improved than my first floor plans.

Forward Reflection
If I have the opportunity to make this Spanish house again, I would be more careful with the measurements as they weren’t exact. I would have approached this project differently by more concentrating on the furniture. The next time, I would improve on making the furniture and I would like to add more color.

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