Monday, June 13, 2016

Little Free Library Reflection Blog:

Backwards Reflection:
The goal of the project was to construct a "Little Free Library", which is a small bookshelf that is placed in a public space in order to exchange books with strangers that want to read books. Me, and Martin constructed the bookshelf out of wood. The wooden boards were measured to be the right size, cut with saws, and then put together in a shape of a rectangular prism with one side missing using nails and a hammer. Then using a drill, accurately measured holes were made in order to put hinges onto the bookshelf in order to make doors for the library. The whole structure was painted with green, and yellow which are the colours of brazil, and some american sports team that Mr.Koss likes.

Self Reflection:
The library ended up much better quality, than expected, since I thought that using nails would not work well, and the shelf would fall apart much easier, yet the structures stands still and can handle people sitting and standing on it. The idea of a little free library is a very interesting idea that I support, so I decided to make one in Uruguay, although this little free library can not be registered as an official one, since it does not meet some requirements. Some materials were missing, but we ended up making it anyways. The project could be better, although it is much better quality than I personally expected.

Forward Reflection:
The measurements done for the project were not accurate enough, so some parts of the project look unneat and or unfinished. The colours we painted it in were not perfect either, but that was the only pain we could find. The handle we were going to use to hang the little free library was also put on too early, so it sometimes was an obstacle to working on the project.

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