Thursday, April 21, 2016

Reflection Blog Post - Julie

Reflection on Project

This quarter I jumped into a new project that Daniel started that mainly focused on trying to make a hydrophobic coating.  The goal of the project was to try to repel almost any liquid on the piece of wood that we were using.  This  is how it is supposed to work. 

We looked up many ways in trying to find alternative materials that we could use to make this. I had bought 2 materials that was said to work. These two materials were clear lacquer spray and multi surface polish. We began by applying the first coat of the clear lacquer spray and then applying the multi surface polish cream that I had bought. After letting it dry a whole day, we checked to see if it worked. The results were not very clear but it did work. We were for sure, therefore we decided to do another trial with a different piece of wood. We did the same steps and waited another day. I checked to see if it worked and it did. But, it was not the results that I was looking for. Here are pictures of the process and the final look of it. 

I feel like this project is not yet completed and there is many room for improvement. I think that using a multi surface polish spray instead of cream, hopefully, would make it work better. But overall, I believe that I did a good job in trying to get this project to work by buying the materials and trying to get it to work. Although, there were days where I could have did more trials with different ways in trying to improve my project. As a learner, I can improve in trying to find different materials and liquids to make this work better and more efficient. As for the project, I think that it can be improved a lot, judging it by the video that is above. Our goal was to make it work like how it worked in the video that I added but we still haven't gotten there. In conclusion, I think that our work shows how much we tried to make it work even though the outcome wasn't the best. 

Below are some videos of how it turned out:


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