Thursday, April 21, 2016

Calculator Reflection:

Backwards Reflection:
The goal was to make a calculator that plays music when buttons are pressed using a Raspberry Pi. We had to set up the Raspberry Pi, programme the calculator, and then put it all together physically. The setup was the longest part, we had to get a display, and setup all the software needed to properly use a Raspberry Pi. Before setting up the computer, we already had an early version of the coded but we had to discard it, and use it as a pseudocode since it wasn't compatible with a physical version. We used a keypad, a LED display, and buttons on a GPIO breadboard to make the physical version of the calculator.

I quit the project after we got the LED to work, since I wasn't interested as much anymore, and we had a couple of disagreements with Enrique. He finished it by himself really well. He finished the programming, and put it all together in a physical hull so it does not look like a raspberry pi with a bunch of wires anymore. Midway through the project we decided that doing a music playing calculator was too complicated, so we decided on a normal calculator. I lose interest in things really quick.

Forward Reflection:
If I had my way, I would have used a knob to select a number instead of a keypad. But Enrique said that it is very unreasonable, so we ended up doing it his way. One of the reasons I quit.

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