Thursday, April 21, 2016

Reflection Martin 21/4/2016

    The assignment that I was supposed to make was to create a blog with Matthew utilizing the Raspberry Pi. The server would run on a program called Nginx (pronounced "Engine X"), Ghost, a blogging platform, and many other smaller programs. For the most part, we utilized a guide that was provided by Gregg Housh. Afterwards, we'd use a guide provided by Ghost about customizing the server's aesthetic whilst testing it for security using Kali Linux on a separate computer. 
    Unfortunately, several complications arose due to the guide we used possibly being dated as well as Nginx not being as popular as its alternative, Apache. This led to several errors that came up, one that I'll be specifically going over later, had little information online, including a security error related to information of the server leaking. The other, and even more fatal, error was related with an issue where in Nginx would not restart; this made it so that the everything would have to be restarted completely. Not only did this error happen once, but it happened twice 💀😱. The first time, it happened because someone accidentally unplugged the Raspberry Pi. We tried to solve this by using a different operating system, but that failed too. The second time it happened because we attempted to restart the server so the blog would update, but Nginx wouldn't restart. This is what ultimately made me leave the project, because this whole process took about a semester and a half.
    If I were to do this project again, I would look for other alternatives as to how to set up ghost, or at least utilize a GUI. This would make the process easier and faster, since using a command line is slower and occasionally confusing.

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