Thursday, June 16, 2016

Final Reflection Martin

Backwards Reflection:
     My project was to create a "Little Free Library" with Nikita. A little free library is a small wooden box where people place their books that they don't want and other people can take them out to read them and later return them. After completing the library, Nikita and I would go to somewhere in Carrasco to hang it along with placing instructions on how to use the little free library.
     To make it, we sawed out some wood to make the frame, using a cardboard box as a basis for the measurements. The wood used was the wood that Matthew had previously brought for a cabinet. After nailing it, we started to paint the library using yellow and green paint. Finally, we began drilling in the hinges, but that's when we ran out of time
Self Reflection:
      The goal was to make the little free library and hang it somewhere in Carrasco along with instructions of what it was, but unfortunately due to lack of time, the project didn't turn out the way we wanted since we were unable to finish. There was also an issue with one of the parts of the hinges missing, so so far we were only able to place 3 hinges so far. We were unfortunately unable to finish the little free library due to lack of time, but I'm glad I got to work on it.
Forward Reflection:
     Overall, I'm glad I was able to work on this project instead of staying on the server; which although it came close to fully functioning, third time just wasn't charm.

     If I had to do this project again, I would try to find more efficient ways of sawing along with using screws instead of nails but other than that, I feel like the only limitation was time.

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