Friday, April 22, 2016

Web server reflection

 Backwards Reflection

The web server began as an alternative for Makerspace's use of Google's Blogger blogging platform. We had a Raspberry Pi that could function as the web server.  Martin and I followed the instructions at Gregg Housh's website. Although the author says they are outdated, the instructions are clear and mostly work. My secondary project was teaching Martin, so I guided Martin through the instructions.


The web server is currently in its third resurrection. Our goal was to have a functional web site to replace the Makerspace blog hosted on Google's Blogger platform. I had to write this blog post on Blogger, so the project has not been successful, and Martin quit. Maybe I wasn't inspiring enough for him to want to learn. Enrique is now my partner and we work more as a team rather than teacher and student, so this time should be quicker to get a functioning web site.

Forward reflection

This time around, we are going to work on the web design and server at the same time so that by the time the server is up, it has a theme to use. Enrique wants to work on the server, so I am going to be doing the web design. Before we start up Ghost, our blogging platform, we need to make sure our theme is installed first, because that is what caused the problem last time.

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