Thursday, April 21, 2016

Reflection Blog Daniel

Backwards Reflection:

I was watching an interesting video on YouTube a month ago, it was titled "Hydrophobic Materials". The video inspired me to try to make a hydrophobic spray, and try to imitate the video´s results. The first thing I did was look on Amazon products I could use for this experiment, but the products available were very expensive, the cheapest on put there was 65.99 dollars. We then decided to look up formulas online to create hydrophobic sprays. One we found used lacquer spray, and multi-surface polish. The polish works as a "glue" for the lacquer spray. The polish makes sure the spray attaches to the surface of material being treated. From the materials that we needed we could not get the lacquer spray so we had to settle for lacquer cream.

Our project was successful. The first board was the widest one, or the image to the left. The other board was not as wide, that one we used to try a different technique to spread out the lacquer creme. both bards worked very well, but after 5-10 experiments the hydrophobic components of it disappeared making it less and less hydrophobic after every try. So compared to the professional spray, we still have a lot to improve. Here is a video of the boards in action.

The project shows how I get my inspiration, from simple yet interesting things. 
Forward Reflection:
There is a lot of space for improvement in this project. First of all the materials. The materials we used were the ones we needed, but not the type. The lacquer was a creme not a spray which affected the way we spread the lacquer around, some areas had more and some areas had less. I would also have created a way for the lacquer to dry uniformly. All this would be things I would take into consideration next time.

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