Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We just Started to writing a Song.

New Our Music Program: FL Studio 12

For now, we are using Fl Studio Demo version. Because we didn't get the program yet.
But I am trying to get that program soon as possible.

First, There was lots of Plug-ins in FL-Studio(But its Demo) to make better sound and put some awesome effects on it. After that I downloaded some sample loops, beats and instruments sounds.

This is the Plug-ins that i'm using now, but those Plug-ins are only for pro ver. and Demo ver.
(30 days). I am trying to buy cheaper one that is 99 US Dollar. Because Pro ver. is so expensive. And the 99 Dollar one is just only program. No plug-ins. No Effects. No Instruments. Just empty program. But I found a free plug-ins instead Basic Plug-ins. In the website that I found, their was 500 free plug-ins.

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