Sunday, October 18, 2015

Enrique Explores the Wonders of Arduino

During the last month, I (Enrique) have been exploring how the Arduino works and its uses. An Arduino is a small microprocessor that is used to teach electronics and circuits to beginners. This is a link to the Arduino website. My original purpose was to get comfortable with electronics, as well as the Arduino programming language. Over time, this small time filer has become my main project in the class. My process of investigation is listed bellow:

Project 1:
In Project 1, I mainly started to learn how the Arduino works and how to program it. I used the information on the Arduino Website. I downloaded the IDE (image to the left) used to program in Arduino and got the materials I needed ready, such as a cable to connect the Arduino to the computer, breadboard, jumper cables, etc.

Project 2:
In Project 2, I was ready to build my first circuit with the breadboard. I was able to make a simple circuit that lit an LED. It didn't require any programming and was very simple. Next, I tried to program the Arduino t make the LED blink; I used this tutorial, except that I used a breadboard.

Project 3:
*Original image taken by me*
In Project 3, I learned how to use buttons and how to use a button with this tutorial. With this project in particular, I leaned a little bit more about how to use a breadboard and how inputs work with the Arduino. I had some issued with the sensitivity of the button and the LED blinking radically at times, but overall, the project was a success.

Project 4:
In Project 4, I learned how to use a potentiometer to change the intensity of an LED. I used this tutorial, but I used a breadboard. This project helped me understand the difference between a Digital Pin and an Analog Pin, and when to use each.

Projects to Come:
  • Make an RGB LED Change color every second
  • Create my first Sketch from scratch to make a potentiometer change the color of an RGB LED.
  • Learn how to use motors
  • Make a remote control with an IR Controler (Tutorial)
  • Build a robot!
**This post is late due to Week Without Walls and my absence, not due to laziness**

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  1. Wow, this is really cool. This "Enrique" sure knows what he's doing. You all should follow his example. #uasicelab am I right?