Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Robotics Update #5 Final Claw Robot Update - Daniel Marsicano

We have finished with the building process of the Vex Claw Robot Building. We have tested its grabbing capabilities, the accuracy of its arm, and the speed of its wheels. We can conclude many things from the whole process of building and testing this robot.

1) It is fairly easy to build.

2) The arm has a strong upwards movement but a weak grapple.

3) The movements of the arm are not bad precision wise, but the wheels movement system is very weak for precision movements.

4) The robots speed differs when moving. For forward movement the wheels rotate at 72 rpm, while turning they rotate at 137 rpm. Making it very slow when moving forward but very fats when turning.

In conclusion the robot is fairly easy to build and a good introduction to robotics.
Displaying IMG_3410.JPG
Displaying IMG_3410.JPG

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