Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Robotics Update #2 Claw Robot - Daniel Marsicano

We encountered one issue after getting the robot to respond to our commands. The robots left joystick (which we programmed to control the robots movement) was responding in a manner we did not want. For example, for the robot to move forward you would push the joystick forward, right? Well in our robot it would cause the robot to rotate to the right. If you pushed the joystick towards you it should move back, right? No it rotated to the left. We concluded that the robots recognition axis was programmed with a front movement located at the left of the joystick (if the controller was facing towards you) and then this caused all other "axes" to be rotated one to the left.

We tried to solve the problem but seeing as we needed to open the controller we decided not to, and just worked with the controller as it was. We began testing the capabilities of our vex robot.

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