Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blog Self-hosted on Local Network

The server project that has been going on since the beginning of the semester could be considered half-way complete; however, the other side is far over the horizon. The blog is accessible within the school's network, but we have not customised it yet. Public access is the next step in our project.

The server for the blog is hosted on a Raspberry Pi 2. This credit-card sized computer has similar computing power to a late-2009 MacBook, but with only the essential peripherals. In this project only the USB and power ports have been useful.

One issue that was run into initially was the network connection. At first, the server was connected to the iMac's network connection via ethernet cable, but the issue was solved with a USB WiFi adaptor. Once we successfully set up the website with local access, the server was unplugged while running and has been giving an error since the accident. This issue is currently being solved by starting over because no other solutions worked.

In addition to the server, there is a radio project, a robot maze, and "buddy bench." The "buddy bench" is seeing the most interest. It seems to be just changing the colour of a bench, but its true colours may be revealed soon. The robot maze is also being worked on. At the moment, the robots are being programmed to follow the maze.

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